Many conferences, summits and symposiums are annual events that we look forward to attending each year. Below is a list of this year’s past events, some of which you may consider attending when they come around again in 2018.



This 4-day event brings together healthcare professionals and companies from all over the world to share knowledge and innovations. The Arab Health Exhibition features exhibitors from healthcare companies as well as from 38 countries in their own pavilions. The Arab Health Congress 2017 offers 14 conferences with international speakers covering a broad spectrum of medical specialties and disciplines on the latest healthcare issues and topics. There are also Hands-on-Training (HoT) Modules which give healthcare practitioners first-hand experience with the latest technological advancements and a 3D Medical Printing Zone which shows how this innovation is being applied to healthcare.

This event will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai on January 30 to February 2, 2017.

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ITCH 2017

ITCH 2017 is an international conference addressing Information Technology and Communications in Health. This conference focuses on health information technologies and how they are revolutionizing healthcare. The demand for these technologies is rising in all sectors and applications within healthcare. For this demand to be met intelligently, different stakeholders must come together to learn how to effectively implement health information technologies in modern healthcare settings. The conference will explore what is required to continue technology’s expansion into healthcare. To this end, topics that will be discussed are: improvements in usability and training, need for new and improved design of information systems, user interfaces and interoperable solutions, governmental policy, mandates, initiatives and need for regulation.

This event will be held in Victoria, BC, Canada from February 16 to 19, 2017.

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The European Commission, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Foundation Mobile World Capital Barcelona TicSalut have come together to host the first joint meeting on eHealth. The meeting hopes to share the European vision for the sector and different local solutions. The structure of the conference aims to address various current issues, such as the search for rare diseases by creating a new network: “European Reference Networks”, access to the patient’s own health at the European level, and identification of the initiatives promoted by the different institutions, local and European, to manage the high volume of applications in health publications.

This event will be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 17, 2017,

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Eskil Söderlind of Avena Partners (Sweden) has been a Scientist, Inventor, Investment Director, CEO a-nd board member and has more than 25 years of experience in the life science business area. He has -extensive experience in biotechnology entrepreneurship and participants of this seminar will benefit from -his practical knowledge in how to prepare for the negotiations, what to keep in mind during the process -and how to reach a successful deal. The seminar is targeted at SMEs in biotechnology and related fields, as well as for researchers venturing into the industry or to those already involved.

This event will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on February 21, 2017.

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With health Informatics being at the intersection of computer science, information science, social science, behavioral science and healthcare, this conference aims to bring people from different fields and disciplines together in order to exchange research ideas and results. The conference wishes to encourage discussion regarding how to provide efficient and effective support for patient and population healthcare within the domain of ICT technologies and their continuous advancements. Topics such as Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques in Health Informatics; Cloud Computing Services and Solutions for Healthcare Management; Privacy: Confidentiality and Data Security for Healthcare Information; Wearable Health Informatics and Social Media Solutions/Portals for Healthcare Management among numerous others will be explored.

This event will be held in Riydah, KSA, from February 21 to 23, 2017.

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This summit is part of the 4YFN 2017 event. 4YFN is home of the growing global tech start-up community, creating lasting connections among start-ups, investors and corporations. The objective of DHWS17 is to showcase innovators who are creating digital technologies that improve healthcare delivery around the world. It creates opportunities for innovators to meet and understand end-users (clinicians and patients), provides the matchmaking between the solutions suppliers and their customers (policy-makers, hospitals, insurers) and is the main place for digital health start-ups to meet investors.

This event will be held in Barcelona, Spain on February 27, 2017.

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The Mobile Healthcare summit is a gathering of top IT managers and executives from the Canadian healthcare industry set on creating efficiencies with mobile technology.  This year’s event is divided into four tracks: Hospital or Community Care and Operational Efficiency or Clinical Care with participants able to chose sessions that best fit their professional situation.  No matter which track is chosen, all participants will learn about how mobile technologies can improve patient care and how to adopt these technologies into an organisation via interaction with IT Executives and Healthcare Officials in participatory, informative sessions.

This event will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from March 8 to 9, 2017.

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EHTEL 2017 Symposium

The yearly event of the European Health Telematics Association brings together leaders in the European eHealth community, health policy leaders, eHealth competence centres, strategic EU projects and initiatives, NGOs, industrialists and others. The theme of this year’s symposium: “Going all digital – Making it happen for health”, is inspired by EHTEL’s championship for the Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society as well as the Digital Single Market objective “Digital first” which provides perspectives on digital innovations and the transformation of care.

This event will be held in Brussels, Belgium on March 15 to 16, 2017.

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This is a unique event intended to foster interactions between three informatics communities: translational bioinformatics, clinical research informatics and informatics implementation. Attendees will learn about current informatics research and methods, and challenges faced as identified by experts across these three disciplines. The summit is also a great networking opportunity for those interesting in meeting the researchers and leaders who are driving this field forward.

This event will be held in San Francisco, California, USA from March 26 to 30, 2017.

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MEDEC is Canada’s national association for the medical technology industry. It is a source of advocacy, information, and education on the medical technology industry for members, the greater healthcare community, industry partners and the general public. Its annual conference for the medical technology and healthcare industry brings together high-profile health system leaders, dignitaries, and influential thought leaders from across various facets of healthcare and government. This year’s event is still being coordinated however confirmed speakers are: Bill Charnetski, Ontario Chief Health Innovation Strategist, Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), Ontario, Justin Riemer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Ministry of Health and Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute, among others.

This event will be held in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on April 5 to 6, 2017.

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FRUCT is the largest regional cooperation framework of open innovations between academia and industry. FRUCT conferences are attended by more than 25 FRUCT member universities, industrial experts, and other guests from industry and academia. The conference is an R&D forum that invites world-class academic and industrial researchers to give lectures on the most relevant topics and provides an opportunity for student teams to present the progress and results of their R&D projects, meet new interesting people and form new R&D teams. The conference organisers look forward to welcoming interested university research teams to the conference where they can present their research and join the FRUCT Association. The organisers are currently accepting submissions and more information can be found on their website.

This event will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 3 to 7, 2017.

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HELINA is the 2017 edition of the pan-African health informatics conference which will be hosted by the Burundi Health Informatics Association. The conference will focus on the role of integrated e-Health plans and policies in this region. It will look at challenges for the development and implementation of these technologies within extant systems and make proposals as to how to overcome them as related to, e-health enabled human resources, international standards application, legal and ethical frameworks, sustainable funding mechanisms and the use of robust and down-to-earth ICT solutions. The conference will give special attention to how e-Health can help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) voted by the UN in September 2015 and more specifically to goal 9, target 9c which aims to « Significantly increase access to information and communications technology and strive to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in the least developed countries by 2020 ».” The main themes of the conference are: National and Regional e-Health Strategies and Policies; Health Information Systems Interoperability; Human capacity building for e-Health Sustainable systems implementations; and ICT-solutions for Universal Health Coverage. Many other related topics will also be explored.

This event will be held in Bujumbura, Burundi from April 23 to 26, 2017.

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This international congress aims to blend academia with technological developments made in the field of informatics. Academics, health professionals and industry partners will come together to share knowledge and experience regarding advancements in informatics research for health science, health care, and economic growth in/around digital health. Global thought leaders will present alongside innovators in health data science with the aim to facilitate collaboration and interaction across sectors. The organisers state that they “…especially look forward to welcoming young scientists with scientific and social programs targeted at the development of our future research leaders.”

This event will take place in Manchester, UK from April 24 to 26, 2017.

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Hosted by Mohawk College’s Technology Access Centre in Digital Health at MEDIC and supported by NSERC, Apps for Health is one of Ontario’s premier information-sharing, networking and recruiting events for the digital health industries. This one-day event sees healthcare professionals, consultants and researchers from hospitals, clinics, local health integration networks, Community Care Access Centres and health research organizations come together to discuss current and emerging trends in health, technology, medical education, and entrepreneurship.  This year, available sessions include: Outside the Hospital Walls, Self-Care, All About Apps, HHS Innovation Exchange Pitch Session and more.

This event will be held in Hamilton, Ontario on April 27, 2017.

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ICT4AWE 2017

The third International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health is a forum for those that study and apply information and communication technologies to the ageing population. The conference brings together those individuals and organisations that are involved in improving the quality of life of the elderly and for helping people continue to be healthy, independent and active at work or in their community. The event encourages researchers and vendors to exchange information on the topics of best practices, innovation and technical improvements in age-related health care, education, social coordination and ambient assisted living.

This event will be held in Porto, Portugal from April 28 to 29, 2017.

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The goal of AMIA’s iHealth 2017 Clinical Informatics Conference is to provide a forum for evidence- and experience-based clinical informatics that will contribute to improvements in health and health care. To that end, it brings together clinicians, informatics professionals and other interested parties to exchange information and knowledge in order to engender improvements in team-based, integrated health care driven by data and evidence. A range of topics will be discussed, for instance: developing and incorporating patient engagement strategies, analyzing population health data, using innovative mHealth solutions and more.

This event will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA from May 2 to 4, 2017.

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This year’s eHealth Week will focus on Data for Health. It will explore how data is central to healthcare, impacting service delivery and policy. This week will see speakers and delegates expound on changes and advances in personal health data, bioinformatics, patient-centred health services, sharing of data, mHealth applications and the overall opportunity that Health IT can offer through innovations in service delivery and public health. The opportunity to learn about Malta’s eHealth systems will also be afforded to delegates, including, the myHealth portal and integrated nation-wide eHealth deployments as well as Malta’s Digital Health Strategy for the years 2017 to 2021.

This event will be held at The Intercontinental Hotel in Malta, from May 10 to 12, 2017.

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pHealth 2017 is the 14th International Conference on Wearable, Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health. It is an interdisciplinary meeting of international experts combining medicine, technologies, biomedical engineering, legal, ethical, social, and organizational aspects and impacts, with basic research for enabling future care paradigms. pHealth looks at the aspects of health care that are involved in the establishment of participatory, predictive, personalized, preventive, and elective care settings. It also explores the field of eHealth and telemedicine and their main roles in the health services deliverance of integrated care. Thus, advances in wearable or implantable micro, nano and biotechnologies for healthcare and wellness; social media and gamification will also be highlighted as per their centrality in pHealth, both as a business domain and as a community safety-net.

This event will be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands from May 14 to 16, 2017.

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eHealth Summit Austria is a major health ICT event organized by HIMSS which puts at it core the theme of, “Health Informatics meets eHealth”. The conference therefore provides a platform for researchers, practitioners, decision makers and vendors to explore innovative health informatics and eHealth solutions that have the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. The special topic for eHealth2017 will be “Digital Insight – Information-driven Health & Care”. Derived subtopics that may be explored are: Clinical data analytics and data visualization; eMedication and medication safety; Health IT and integrated care; eHealth infrastructures and architectures; mHealth, pHealth and quantified self; Nursing informatics; Telemedicine and telemonitoring and Usability and user centred design, amongst many others.

This event takes place, in Vienna, Austria from May, 23 to 24, 2017.

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This event hosted by OuluHealth an affiliate of the Oulu University Hospital, is centered on Nordic co-creation for Health Tech growth.  It aims to help industry players find new partners for health tech business focusing on the Nordic Countries, Germany, Holland and Canada.

The first day of the event will feature a key-note speech by Lea Myyryläinen, Director, Nokia Technologies, Finland on Digital Health.  The topic of Co-creation Needs and Opportunities, will be presented by industry forerunners from Canada and Finland.  Then flash-presentations of 5 minutes each by companies sharing their stories about partnerships will be presented.  The final session of the morning will see the topic of International Networks discussed by Mikaela Nordenfelt of ECHAlliance and our own Glenn Lanteigne, President & CEO of Tectonic Advisory Services Inc.

The afternoon will be an opportunity for networking and product presentation which hopes to encourage mingling and matchmaking amongst participants.

The second day of the event will afford participants an opportunity to have a guided tour of the Oulu University Hospital TestLab, which is “a one-of-a-kind, test- and development environment for products and procedures. Innovations are tested through the entire service chain, from private homes all the way to health centres and hospitals.”

This event will be held in Oulu, Finland on May 30 to 31, 2017

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Achieving Excellence Together is the annual conference hosted by Health Shared Services Ontario. HSSOntario an organisation under the Government of Ontario, supports Ontario’s 14 Local Health Integration Networks.  The conference aims to bring together health care leaders, partners and front-line care professionals to promote excellence and innovation in patient-centred home and community care.

Past topics that have been covered are: Leveraging Logistics and Technology for Better Care and Better Value, Connected Care and the Patient Experience, Risk Framework for Predicting Caregiver Distress, eHomecare: Supporting Patients with the Right Care at Home, Improving Integration in the Continuum of Care: Valuable Lessons from Two CCAC’s, among many others.

This event will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 14 to 16, 2017

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The Institute for Quality Management seeks to “… elevate the integrity of the medical diagnostic testing system by providing rigorous, objective, third-party evaluation according to international standards”.  To that end, it will be hosting its inaugural forum in 2017.  The event will be centered around the topic of: Change and Innovation in Diagnostic Medicine – Rising with the Tide

The forum will explore emerging standards, new technologies and other changes in diagnostic medicine.  Key topics will include Information Technology innovation, Standards and Regulatory changes and Emerging Challenges.

Diagnostic medicine professionals of all levels; Key decision makers, Medical laboratory professionals. Diagnostic imaging professionals, Heath service administrators, Government/regulators, IQMH assessors, Physicians, Healthcare providers, Pharmacists, and Students will be encouraged to engage in open discussion and interaction through the forum events and through individual use of smart phones to “…generate real-time participation and collaboration”.

This exciting approach will start before the forum on social media platforms and continue during and after the event.  This unique way of engagement promises to involve delegates on multiple fronts and drive the discussion on the forum’s current theme.

This event will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from June 16 to 17, 2017.

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The organizers of this event report that more than 80% of Canadians say they would proactively take advantage of digital health solutions by viewing their personal medical information (lab results, immunization records, prescriptions, and medical history).  With the industry responding to this demand, will the offered solutions take into account health & research information, and personal data & privacy? Will they be tailored to the needs of different stakeholders and will different stakeholders such as patients, caregivers, and their healthcare providers adopt them?

These are the questions that will be discussed during this evening event which will feature rapid fire presentations and a panel of Toronto’s leading industry experts and innovators, as well as an open bar, plenty of food, and a prize draw sponsored by Optimity.

This event will be held in Toronto, Ontario on June 22, 2017

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The 16th World Congress on Health and Medical Informatics (MEDINFO2017) is a premier international health and biomedical informatics event. The event aims to provide the world’s leading scientists, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs, educators and students a platform for sharing current research and application in these fields. Its theme of “Precision Healthcare in Health Informatics ”, promises participants the latest developments in health and medical informatics, a glimpse of China’s medical informatics application in coping with its healthcare problem under its large population pressure, and a chance to witness IMIA’s 50th anniversary celebration.

This event is to be held in Xiamen, China on August 21 to 25, 2017.

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Health Achieve 2017 is a conference and exhibition hosted by the Ontario Hospital Association. The conference is an international forum for scientists, patients, doctors, students and other health professionals to gather where they can exchange ideas, information, and research. The event promises to focus on cutting edge innovative presentations, problems and solutions in the healthcare industry.

The event will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from November 6 to 7, 2017.

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For a second time the HIMSS Europe World of Health IT (WoHIT) Conference & Exhibition aims to attract top European healthcare stakeholders who wish to explore and address best practices, practical solutions and cutting edge developments in eHealth. As with last year’s event six main summits will be featured: CIO Summit, mHealth Summit, Cyber Security Summit, Genomics Summit, HIMSS Communities and the European Telemedicine Conference. The conference combines educational sessions, workshops, hospital tours and exhibitioners to create a dynamic meeting point for participants.

This event will be held in Barcelona, Spain from November 21 to 22, 2017.

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This year’s, the 48th, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is designed around the theme of Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.  Its programme, initiatives and projects aim to rededicate world leaders from all areas and sectors to developing a shared narrative to improve the state of the world.  Under this umbrella, the topic of Health Care features heavily and attendees can attend sessions that focus on topics such as: The New Health Paradigm which asks how patient-centred healthcare is reshaping the industry and how patients and corporations will benefit from value-based care.  Another major focus of the forum is the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a session is devoted to how Health Care will be transformed within this revolutionary technological context.  Other sessions on Health Care simply explore that state of it in the United States, or how DNA and bio-technology can help bring humans into the future.

This event will be held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland from January 23 to 26, 2018.

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The Alberta Network for Health Information eXchange is a group of professionals with an interest in Alberta’s Health Informatics, Healthcare Technology and Information Management industry. Digital Health Canada (Formerly COACH) is an organisation whose members have a shared interest in health informatics, health information management, digital health, m-health, e-health, or related healthcare issues and practices. Together these organisations have similar visions of bringing together ideas and individuals to support their industry in education, application and advocacy.  To this end, they come together each year to host a conference designed to attract leaders, thinkers, senior executives, and individuals within the health space from Calgary and surrounding area.

This year’s theme of “Enabling Effective Community Healthcare” explores the cost of healthcare delivery as it encounters an aging population and a generally greater level of acuity in the community caseload. The industry response of bringing healthcare delivery to the community will be explored by specifically focusing on the issues and opportunities of delivering effective care in the community, current Alberta initiatives that are impacting this area, and some of the technology innovations that are making this possible.

This event will be held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on February 6, 2018.

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The BC Health Information Management Professionals Society (BCHIMPS) is a not-for-profit organization for individuals involved in managing health information in the province of British Columbia. One of BCIMPS’ key focuses is the education of its members and to that end it hosts regular symposia and other educational events.

Its Annual Spring Education Symposium promises to be an educational, current and thought-provoking event.  Items on this year’s agenda will include: Ministry of Health on “The B.C. EMR Interoperability Strategy”; Vancouver Police Department on “Working Collaboratively to Support Those in Crisis”; PHSA on “Bringing Multiple Stakeholders Together to Create Meaningful Clinical Solutions”; Bordon Ladner Gervais LLP on “Hot Topics in Privacy and Cybersecurity Law”; Prosci Canada on “Strategies for Implementing Healthy Change” and Canada Health Infoway on “Advancing Digital Health in Canada – A Current State”.

This event will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on March 2, 2018.

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HIMSS 2018

The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition is five days of education, innovation and collaboration for and with over 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. In 2018 the conference continues to grow and expand with participants able to take part in over 300 education sessions, meet with over 1,300 vendors, and access hundreds of special programs and networking events. This event always explores the most relevant, current industry topics such as: Connected Health and Telehealth, HIT Infrastructure and Standards, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Investment, Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity, Precision Medicine/Genomics. World-class speakers and educators delve into and develop these and many other topics that are directly related to your business. The industry-leading conference is not only a place for learning and participating in thought leader sessions, roundtable discussions and workshops but also for discovering cutting-edge health IT products and engaging in powerful networking.

This event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from March 5 to 9, 2018.

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The Canadian Reception at HIMSS, hosted by ITAC Health (Information Technology Association of Canada) and the HIMSS Ontario Chapter, has become the signature social event for Canadians and their guests that are attending HIMSS. For those companies looking for sponsoring opportunities, the Canadian Reception has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

This event will be held from 1800 to 1930 on March 6 in the Lido Ballroom at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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*For more information on all Canadian events and companies at HIMSS 2018 please click on the following link: HIMSS18 – Canadian Related Events




The Update on Ontario Digital Health Conference

This annual conference is a forum for Public Sector Leaders to provide a state of the union type address based on a specific theme, with this year’s theme being “Innovation in Procurement”. Ontario is shifting to value-based procurement system, and Public Sector Leaders will present on how new approaches to procurement can enable the spread and scale of digital and other solutions which can improve patient outcomes and reduce cost.

This event will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 26, 2018.

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